Relaxation Techniques and Referrals

We live in a stressful and anxious time for our planet. A visit to the dentist is a source of anxiety for some people. Anxiety is often simply fear of what might happen. This is why we spend so much time during our consultation to build a relationship with a patient, listen to their concerns, and communicate what modern dentistry has to offer. If a patient had a negative experience in the past — or as a child — this does not have to be repeated. We do things better now!

We can offer suggestions that can reduce a patient’s anxiety before and during their visit to our office. Some relaxation techniques include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Meditation and affirmations
  • Yoga
  • Open communication with us
  • Listening to soothing music or relaxation CDs
  • Talking to a counselor about dental anxiety
  • Referrals for reduction or cessation of tobacco, caffeine, and/or alcohol use
  • Adequate rest and sleeping habits
  • Eating a balanced health diet
  • Support of family and friends

Dental cleanings are a routine service, but at Pike Place Dental your overall health is a consideration in our recommendations. We treat the whole person. Make an appointment today to get started.

Nitrous Oxide

Some of our patients find it helpful to use a mixture of nitrous oxide and pure oxygen during their dental appointment. This helps them to relax, and their time in the dental chair goes by more quickly. We use an evacuation system so the effects are not experienced by the dental team. Some people experience some nausea if they use nitrous oxide on an empty stomach, so we recommend that they have a small meal approximately one hour before their dental visit. Most patients return to their normal state of awareness after 10 minutes of 100% oxygen and are able to return to work and resume their usual activities. A few individuals are drowsy for the rest of the day. If a patient is easily affected by medications, we recommend that a friend or family member accompany them home.