Are You Healthy? Ask Your Teeth

Wondering if you are healthy or not? A good test is looking inside your mouth. Believe it or not, the condition of your mouth and teeth says a lot about your longevity and quality of life. Troubles in your mouth can predict bigger problems. If you have healthy teeth and gums, you are way ahead in living a strong and healthy life.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

If you have good teeth, chances are you eat better foods with more fiber, meaning you have a reduced risk of colon cancer. Eating nothing but soft foods can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Gum disease is directly linked to heart disease, heart attack or stroke, along with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. If you floss and brush twice daily, along with regular checkups, you have a 40 percent less chance of a heart-related problem than people who do this just once daily.

Take Care of Your Teeth Now

Ask your dentist to check the health of your mouth and offer any recommendations. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the damage has been done. It is much easier and cost effective to prevent mouth and tooth problems now.