Biopsy of Oral Tissue

During a patient’s initial comprehensive examination, and also during their periodic cleaning appointments, we do an oral cancer screening. If we see any areas that look like they may be cancerous or pre-cancerous, we may recommend biopsying all or part of that area to have it evaluated by an oral pathology lab. Many forms of cancer can be arrested if they are detected and treated at the initial stages, with no effect on quality of life.

Oral Cancer Screening and Velscope and Oral HPV test

Did you know, if caught early enough, oral cancer can be prevented? Only one in four dentists screen for oral cancer, and because we know how critical early detection is, Dr. de Vigné and his team have made Oral Cancer Screenings a top priority during dental exams.

Our Velscope helps us to see unhealthy tissues in under two minutes using a simple, safe, and effective technique without the use of harsh, unpleasant rinses or stains. To learn more visit the Velscope website.

OraRisk HPV is a simple saliva test which determines how at risk you are for oral and throat cancers. Oral cancer is a serious issue because one American dies every hour from oral cancer. For more information visit the Oral DNA website.

Tobacco Cessation Referrals

Tobacco, whether chewed or smoked, increases the risk of developing cancers of many different kinds. Tobacco use can also increase the risk of periodontal disease. We encourage all our patients that use tobacco to make this habit no longer a part of their lives. There are many tobacco cessation programs available. Ask us for a referral.