Faulty Mercury Restorations

Like any other filling, amalgam should be replaced when defects exist. This includes poor margins, gaps, recurrent decay, overhangs, rough or chipped surfaces, or cracks in the teeth. If the filling does not exhibit any of these conditions, it is best left alone. If you would like silver fillings changed for cosmetic or personal reasons, we are happy to do this for you.

At Pike Place Dental, we take the removal of amalgam fillings seriously and follow every procedure to keep you, our staff, and our environment safe from the toxic mercury debris and vapors. some of the methods that we use are:

  • Keep the fillings cool during removal
  • Cutting the Amalgam into Chunks
  • Use a high-volume evacuator
  • Provide the patient with an alternative source of air
  • Use a rubber dam
  • Remove gloves and clean the patient’s mouth
  • Immediately clean up
  • Use additional air purification
  • Filtering air in the operatory
  • Use activated charcoal

Composite Restorations Offer Many Advantages Including:

  • Cosmetic and esthetic – blends in naturally
  • Smooth and bonded margins – less plaque accumulation and opportunity for recurrent decay
  • Conservative – less tooth structure must be removed to make space for the filling
  • Easily repaired – any chips can easily be repaired seamlessly with surface roughening and addition of composite
  • Reinforces remaining tooth structure – since the composite is bonded to the tooth, it reinforces the remaining structure and prevents wedging forces from causing cracks and fractures with repeated chewing
  • Seals the dentin from future decay