What We Do

Pike Place Dental offers a full range of services. Our services are designed to improve and maintain your oral health. Our office is mercury-free and environmentally sound. For details on specific services, see the links on the right. As always, we welcome your questions about our services, your oral health, and how our services can improve your oral health and your overall health.

Dental Consultation

In order to gather the appropriate amount of information, at a patient’s initial visit, Dr. de Vigné likes to take some time to evaluate what we have learned. Patients usually come back for a separate consultation visit where we show them what we have found, make appropriate recommendations and explain various treatments. We explain the pros and cons of various treatment choices and the possible consequences. We prepare a document that contains all this information for patients to take with them and study. We realize that the path to dental health often requires a significant investment in time and resources, so people need time to consider how they can best proceed. They need to find a harmonious balance between the pursuit of dental health and the rest of their life.

Our hope is that our patients will choose dental health, so that they may enjoy a better quality of life and minimize the possibility of the discomfort of dental emergencies. We also understand that this may not be a priority for some people, and we respect that choice. In any case, the consultation process should lead to an informed decision.